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Behavox takes it one step further, compiling a central repository of behavioral patterns accessible to all clients. Adylov calls it the Conduct Risk Exchange. If he can build a network big enough - more than the three companies that have signed up so far - it could change the way banks police themselves.

Behavox aims to take surveillance to a new level with sophisticated behavioural analysis.

London’s Behavox offers surveillance software to help financial institutions remain compliant

A big thing for bank compliance is to figure out how to stop rogue traders from doing bad things, preferably before they get caught by a regulator. There's a new company that's trying to do that with technology.
It's called Behavox.

Some early players here include Onfido, Suade and Behavox. These companies know that compliance is many financial companies’ biggest pain point, and are building software-based solutions to reduce the time and financial burden that this places on financial services firms.

Certain financial ground rules, including stamping out insider trading and stopping money laundering, are here to stay. Companies focused on those activities, such as London-based trade surveillance software provider Behavox, see no impediment to future growth.

Behavox found the trader was being talked through the settlement system and passwords and how to modify a load of trades.

Conduct risk mitigator

Through the use of algorithms and natural language processing, Behavox enables firms to conduct detailed analysis of communications building up comprehensive behavioural profiles on staff to ensure compliance demands are met.

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