Compliance expertise

Behavioral scenarios designed for compliance with specific regulations

  • Each scenario created by Behavox is designed to ensure compliance with, and is explicitly mapped to, specific regulations
  • Scenario logic performance is based on preceding empirical work and is always tested on relevant past enforcement cases
  • Scenarios designed for prospective regulations are developed by Behavox in advance of the effective date and are offered to all clients for testing and feedback prior to release to ensure customer satisfaction

In-house regulatory intelligence department headed by acclaimed industry leaders

  • Behavox operates an in-house regulatory intelligence department tasked with aggregating and analysing existing and prospective regulations across all major jurisdictions
  • Regulatory intelligence is lead by Alex Viall, ex. FSA and co-founder of Complinet, the market leader in regulatory expertise
  • The body of research done to date comprises last 16 years of historical enforcement cases

Unique online community for compliance professionals

  • Behavox acts as a host to a unique online community of compliance professionals
  • The community encompasses professionals in charge of compliance functions in investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds, and broker/dealer businesses
  • Membership is free, however the Community operates on an invitation-only basis. All new clients of Behavox can request automatic membership

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